Gas Electricity as a source of energy

Gas is a source of energy which is commonly used in everones daily life. In today’s world gas has occupied very integral part of everyone’s life. Let’s discuss about gas energy, gas energy is a combustible mixture of gaseous hydrocarbon that accumulates in porous sedimentary rocks. The most commonly used gas energy is a combination of 80% Methane and a equally distributed proportion of ethane , propane , butane, nitrogen and sometimes helium.
Electricity is a type of energy fueled by the transfer of electron from positive and negative points within conductor. In today’s life electricity has become one of the most essential commodities in every household either in city , town or village. Government of every country is very focused on providing electricity to every house by setting up new power plants in every sector of the city. Electricity is very cheap and affordable.
In today’s advance technology world, Natural gas can be used to generate electricity in a variety of ways. Steam generation is most basic example and most commonly used natural gas fired electric generations, where fossil fuels are Burned in a boiler to heat water and produce steam that is used to rotate and run the turbine to produce electricity. However, due to economic environment and technology natural gas electricity has become the fuel of choice for new projects.
There are many reasons for this increase reliance on natural gas to generate our electricity. However, regulator surrounding the emmision of power plants have forced these generators to come with new methods of generating power. Here is. Some list of most commonly used natural gas electricity.

  • STEAM GENERATION UNITS -: ​Natural gas can be used to generate electricity in variety of ways. The most popular natural gas fired electric generations consists of a stream generation unit, where fossil fuels are Burned in a boiler to heat water and produce steam and this stream which is produced is used to run and rotate the turbine and thus by the rotation of turbine electricity is generated.
  • CENTRALISED GAS TURBINE:- ​Gas turbines and combustion engine is also used to generate electricity. Gas turbines and combustion engine are traditionally used primarily for peak load demands, as it is possible to quickly and easily turn them on. These plants have increased in popularity advance technology and availablity of natural gas. However, they are still traditionally slightly less efficient then large steam driving power plants.
  • COMBINED CYCLE UNITS-: ​Many of the new natural gas fired power plants are known as ‘ combine cycle’ units. In these types of generating facilities there is usage of both gas turbines and steam units, all in one . In a combined gas plant the waste heat from the Gas turbines process is directed towards generating steam, which is then used to generate electricity much like a steam unit.
  • DISTRIBUTED GENERATION-: ​Until recently, methods of generating power have been discussed in the context of large, combined power plants. However, with technological advancement is is a trend towards what is known as ‘distributed generation . Distributed generation can take many forms, from small , low outputs generators uses to backup the supply of electricity obtained from the centralised electric utilities. Natural gas is one of the leading energy sources for distribution generation because of extensive natural gas supply infrastructure and environment

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