4 important recommendations to get you started in 2019

In the East philosophy, the term “Chi energy” comes from the oxygen that comes from the breath you have received from your life energy called ATP.  The end result of the interaction of glucose from the food. Life is used by all the organs of your body, your body’s fuel. For example, your brain uses 20% of this energy. But oxygen, which provides your life energies with unhealthy conditions, is gradually decreasing in your body and you become increasingly unhealthy. For this reason, you do not breathe properly, you do not feed with oxygen, you do not exercise and you get dirty air.
We have 4 recommendations for making new starts and reducing these negative effects:
1- Take the right breath:
The right breath is the breath of the abdomen that will allow your lungs to enter the air with plenty of air. When babies are born they have a breath of abdomen as a gift from creation. But over time they start to breathe due to fear and the breath of their belly breaks. After a while, they begin to breathe insufficiently with only chest breath. That is, you will breathe insufficiently until you decide to consciously return your breath to the breath of your natural connection. Abdominal breathing, also called diaphragmatic breathing, breathing is possible with the swelling of the belly and then the chest before the essence. Many adults unaware of the disappearance of abdominal breath suffers from lack of oxygen hunger i.e oxygen.
Many people who think they are breathing normally but have inadequate breathing experience unreasonable anxiety, anxiety, and occasional depression because the oxygen goes to the brain. Disordered parents also have the same anxiety in their children. Especially if you live in city life, it is very important that you start breathing analysis and natural, connected, abdominal breathing therapies for your own soul health. Then for a more calm and peaceful mind, then for your children’s mental and physical health, providing maximum oxygen uptake.
2- Feed with fresh, live, oxygenated food and stay away from cafes:
The second step is to take caffeine, which keeps your brain alive and nervous as if there is a danger. Chocolate makes your children hyperactive as well as relaxes the sensitive stomach entrance, leading to reflux. So, make a decision as this Christmas Parent, and do not put your food, cola drinks, and your resume all year round. Also, limit the consumption of fast food foods packed with low oxygen. For you and your children this year we have hamburgers, turnips, pizzas, lahmacun, fried potatoes, ketchup, mayonnaise, ready-to-eat foods with plenty of oil and spices; Remove fast food from your life.
Fatty feeding lowers the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells, causing hypoxia to the brain causing drowsiness, loss of concentration, depression, anxiety and muscle weakness. That’s why you are sleeping after a heavy and fatty diet, weight is falling. The transport of oxygen into the tissues by air is possible by the free flow of blood cells into the veins. When you feed too fat, like in the absence of oxygen in your being, your oxygen cells are suffering from oxygen deprivation despite the lack of oxygen.
3- Sports / Exercise:
Aerobic exercises, that is, sports activities that provide a deep and deep breathing are very important for lung health. Once you have developed your right abdominal breathing habits, active exercises will allow you to ventilate your body and your brain with plenty of oxygen. Remember how good you feel about yourself even if you have a short walk outdoors.
4- Get fresh air:
Today, children are not able to see the open air due to the intensive school life, and adults, due to intense work life. Even weekends are spent walking through closed shopping malls. In major cities, too, the air is particularly polluted by exhaust fumes and industrial waste. This means that your habitat is close to the traffic and industrial centers.

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4 important recommendations to get you started in 2019

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