Affordable Health Insurance For the Self Employed

If you are self employed you might have to research some health insurance companies to find out which ones offer the best plans for you. Do not expect to find a bargain. People who do not have group coverage or coverage from where they are employed are the bread and butter of these health insurance companies–no matter what it is going to cost you. There is just not many decent affordable plans on the market that cover the freelancer or the unemployed.
Your only option is to go for private health insurance and in the eyes of the health insurance companies somebody who is self-employed is pretty much just the same as an unemployed person. You end up paying well over $200 a month in premiums for full health insurance including dental. The clincher is you often still end up having to pay half the bill or more. This is notoriously common when it comes to dental coverage.
Group insurance has become very expensive which means that even more people than before are being pushed into buying that absurdly expensive health insurance for freelancers. However if you are not enrolled in a group or work plan of any kind this is the only type of insurance you can ever afford. Currently about 25 million Americans, most of them employees of small businesses and their families, are uninsured.
If you are unemployed or freelance you can get some of the insurance costs back by being allowed to deduct the cost of your health insurance premiums. This allows you to make an adjustment to your gross income.
The biggest advantage for the self-employed or small business plan owners is the ability to choose your own plan. Choosing the coverage that is best for you is not always available if you belong to a group. If you are used to having your employer do this for you might feel a bit confused. If this is true consider using a broker or agents who can help you make wise decisions. You can all access all kinds of information on web sites the internets that can help you find the best quotes from the health insurance companies for you.
The health insurance companies are very bad at covering individuals which is why so many people stay in jobs they dislike. Most people consider paid benefits to be the most important part of their compensation packages when they are hired. Health insurance is not as easy to obtain, unlike some kinds of life insurance. Anyone can get a free no exam life insurance quote these days.
If you are newly laid off or fired you are going to have to pray you are not hit with some kind of medical emergency if you no longer have that coverage in place. It only takes one big crisis to plunge you deeply into debt.
Each one of the health insurance companies has some kind of basic health plan that also includes dental that will at the very least help you to afford routine visits. Even the most minimal of plans is better than having to resort to paying full fees at the hospital or doctor’s office.

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