Do you want to be a doctor in US?

We all know that medical is considered as one of the noble professions. After all, it involves giving life-saving treatments to human beings. These days a large number of medical aspirants are looking at the US as their final destination. You too are one of them? Then let us explore the different aspects of being a doctor in the US.

Positive aspects of being a doctor:

Becoming a doctor is not that easy. Medical education has always been an expensive affair. Also, it is a profession where one has to invest lots of time and it can also be very stressful. Even then you will find that there is lots of demand for almost every medical college. This is because of the positive aspects that are associated with the profession.

One of the most important things about becoming a doctor in the US is that you can expect a very good salary. According to the salary, survey even the lowest paid specialities in the US that is paediatricians get very good salaries. The average salaries of the highest paid specialities like cardiologists etc get really good pay packages.

This is a fulfilling career which gives a sense of achievement. This also happens to be one of the most respected and prestigious professions. This is also one field where one is continuously growing and learning new things. The human connection of this profession is also one of the positive aspects of this profession.

Advantages of being a doctor :

Yes, salary and job satisfaction and all the other positive aspects of being a doctor are the advantages. In addition to the positive aspects, there are other advantages of being a doctor in the US. This is one profession that is always going to be in demand. There is never going to be a recession in this profession because people will always keep falling sick. If your own family member falls sick then the fact that a member of the family is a doctor is always going to be an advantage.

Why to be a doctor in the US?

Now lets us come to the main point and that is why a doctor must opt for the US. One of the biggest reasons is that this is one of the highest paid professions in the US. Now it is important for the doctor to earn well as he or she spends a large amount of money in getting the formal education. There have been cases where medical students had to take loans to complete their education.

When a doctor is employed in the hospital in the US most of the times he will get insurance coverage not just for himself or her but even for the immediate family. This means that in the treatment of the doctor or his family he will not incur huge medical bills.

US is one place where all the latest technologies are used and hence when one works as a doctor in the US he gets exposure to the latest medical equipments, latest techniques and latest technology.

Here is how you can take your first step to become a doctor in the US!

The first thing that an Indian student who aspires to become a doctor in the US can do is get admission in a medical college in India. The admission fee is one of the reasons that students give up this dream. Students who have money constraints need to try and get admissions in government colleges where the admission cost is less as compared to private medical colleges ( central government colleges: Rs 50000/- p.a., state government colleges: Rs 50000 to 2 lakhs p.a. , AIIMS the fees is only Rs 6000?-p.a.). The private medical colleges the admission fees are exorbitant and the entire course charges can be in the range of Rs 50 lakhs per annum.

It is therefore, better that students opt for a government medical college where the fees are less. But for this, the student will have to clear the pre-medical entrance examination. Only then he or she will be able to apply for a government colleges for medicine. Once you get admission into a medical college you have moved one step forward towards your dream of becoming a doctor in the US.


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